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Episode 11

Published on:

29th Sep 2020

011: Networking - It's About Sharing Not receiving with Paul Kitching

Networking is not all about exchanging information but mainly functions as a medium for creating long-term relationships with mutual gains. Often perceived as selling, networking gives you the chance to meet people who can help you, and you can assist them in return.

Once you understand that networking is all about sharing and not receiving, you’ll find it easier to network with other people. Although not everyone’s strong suit, some of the most successful people in the corporate space have attributed their success to the strong networking channels they have created over time. 

Many people pay lots of money to attend networking events, but very few know how to network successfully. If you are struggling with creating meaningful networks, this episode is for you. We traverse through the Networking world with Paul Kitching and answer some crucial questions like why you need to network, the skills you need to succeed in networking, and how to ensure people remember you after the events.


  •  Getting to know Paul Kitching (2:35)
  • Attitude is key (4:33)
  • Closed doors presenting new opportunities (5:17)
  • From selling media to selling marketing services (8:41)
  • Difference between selling media and selling marketing services (9:00)
  • Not being too hard on yourself (10:50)
  • Cementing the relationship before closing the sale (11:40)
  • Coffee with PK (12:20)
  • How Coffee with PK has evolved (14:50)
  • Vital elements of being a great networker ((18:03)
  • Having a tremendous elevated pitch (18:21)
  • Why no one wants to be sold to at functions (19:10)
  • Importance of remembering peoples names (19:30)
  • Benefits of being a great networker (21:25)
  • You are an extension of your brand (22:06)
  • Make people remember you (22:25)
  • Mini sub-brand of your company’s brand (23:30)
  • Park Run (23:400
  • Getting out of the Funk (25:12)
  • Moving on (25:40)
  • Accepting change (26:37)
  •  Top 5 tips for upcoming networkers (27:44)
  • Wearing your name tag on the right (30:28)
  • Approaching people with measured confidence (30:28)
  • Asking people interesting questions (31:40)
  • LinkedIn requests courtesy (32:38)
  • Seeing the positive side of every event, you attend (34:56)
  • Why networking is such an important skill (37:35)

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