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Episode 12

Published on:

6th Oct 2020

012: Finding Your True Self with Michelle Powell

When it comes to being true to yourself, you'll face a lot of pressure from society as it tries to influence who you genuinely are. Whether at your place of work or with your family, it can be helpful if you take a step back and think about your identity. 


But how do you get to figure out your authentic self? In as much as your environment can affect how you approach authenticity, your authentic self is reaffirmed by the ability to realize your life's purpose and living by it. If you stray from your true purpose, you are at risk of losing your authenticity and therefore, your approach towards life. 


Are you true to yourself? Are you the source of most of your behaviour and not necessarily a product of what society dictates? If you don't have answers to these two questions, then this episode is for you. We take you through an in-depth look at how to connect with your authentic self and help you find your identity. 



  • Getting to know Michelle (1:45)
  • Being true to yourself (2:05)
  • What is authenticity (4:06)
  • Why most people believe they are genuine (4:40)
  • Why authenticity is like a puzzle (5:39)
  • The essence of who we truly are (5:48)
  • Importance of being the same person both at work and at home (6:15) 
  • Connecting all the different factors of who we are (7:20)
  • Congruency in life (7:50)
  • Trying to impress as opposed to being who you are (8:20)
  • What authenticity is all about (8:50)
  • Showing up with what's real on the day (9:10)
  • Shame shields (10:45)
  • What are life masks? (12:31)
  • Why you need to start giving yourself some credit (13:35)
  • Recognizing your unique magnificence (15:23)
  • The power of being you (16:00)
  • The little experiences are what best describe who we are (17:30)
  • Can you change who you are? (17:55)
  • Focusing on things you can not control (18:13)
  • Being kind, compassionate and respectful to yourself (19:47)
  • How to recognize you are doing better (20:25)
  • Where to place your identity (20:44)
  • Why your work is not something that you are but something that you do (22:38)
  • You can be anything you want to be (23:20)
  • Fixing your identity crisis (23:47)
  • How life-changing occurrences can influence your identity (24:20)
  • What is muchness?
  • Rediscovering your muchness (25:02)
  • Signs to look out for when faced with an identity crisis (27:15)
  • Most common symptoms of an identity crisis (28:40)

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