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Episode 26

Published on:

30th Mar 2021

026: Starting, Managing & Scaling Multiple Businesses with Simone Douglas

To succeed in today’s highly competitive business world, you need to be flexible and have exceptional planning and organizational skills. Unfortunately, many people start a business thinking that they’ll instantly be successful, only to find that running a business is much more than putting in the hours. The dedication, creativity, and even luck required to make a business successful can demoralize even the most inspired entrepreneurs. 

 If starting one business is all that, what happens when someone juggles one, two, or even three businesses? When you add another venture into the mix, you’re not doubling your workload; you’re probably tripling it. Moreover, running multiple businesses does not mean each one will require an even split of time and energy.

As any serial entrepreneur will tell you, starting, managing, and scaling multiple businesses is not all that crazy. In fact, it boosts your financial security, forces you to maximize all your skills, and diversifies your portfolio. But how can you divide your time among all your ventures and still make time for family?

Today’s guest, Simone Douglas, is a serial entrepreneur running multiple thriving businesses ranging from hospitality to digital marketing and is also a best-selling author. If you’ve ever thought about opening multiple businesses, then this episode is for you. 


  • Getting to know Simone Douglas (03:40)
  • Dissecting the role of a Fix-It specialist (07:04)
  • How personal reflection can positively impact an organisation’s business culture (09:14)
  • How Simone took over and scaled The Duke of Brunswick Hotel (10:06)
  • Why Simone decided to go gluten-free with her pub (11:00)
  • The evolution of the social media space (14:37)
  • Simone’s thoughts on new social media platforms (18:30)
  • How Simone balances social media usage and family life (21:26)
  • Dissecting the world of BNI (23:56)
  • How Simone successfully runs her businesses while taking care of her team (28:21)
  • Top 5 tips for upcoming leaders (30:55)

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