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Episode 25

Published on:

23rd Mar 2021

025: Healing In A Busy World Takes A Spark Of Consciousness with Jared Schuster

Breaking a bone or experiencing a severe cold can make life a little unbearable. Fortunately, a doctor's appointment later, you're practically good to go. However, with spiritual matters, it gets a little complicated than that. Firstly, most of us don't even acknowledge that we're hurting, which makes seeking help even harder. This is mostly because spiritual and mental health issues are often shamed and ridiculed. 


Deep down, we all know we aren't immune to life's lemons. Thus, whenever unforeseen things happen, our weaknesses are usually compromised, making us vulnerable. Vulnerability generates fear, which is why most people would rather suffer than seek help.


Of the thousands of people trying to find themselves, only a few manage to do so, and even fewer openly share how they did it. With us today is Jared Schuster, a holistic life coach who spent years learning from Yogis and Shamans, all in the hope of finding himself. We talk about spiritual healing, Ecuadorian healing ceremonies, and how to find your life's purpose.   


Topics We Discussed Include

  • Getting to know Jared Schuster (02:16)
  • Why money doesn't necessarily guarantee happiness (06:50)
  • Jared's life-changing encounter with traditional healing ceremonies (10:25)
  • Jared's deepest learnings from his time in Ecuador (11:40)
  • Analyzing the different kinds of healing ceremonies (13:40)
  • Jared's approach to life after leaving Ecuador (15:10)
  • How Jared implemented healing teachings into his everyday life (16:22)
  • The link between spiritual healing and self-compassion (19:48
  • The importance of communication and connecting with our feelings (23:30)
  • Dissecting Jared's manifestation course (26:16)


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