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Episode 36

Published on:

3rd Aug 2021

036: Mindfulness Leadership Connection In A Busy New Age World with Nicola Lipscombe

Mindful leadership is important now more than ever. Not because of our current complex and fast-paced way of living, but because mindful leadership is way more effective. Think about it this way, why do so many people believe that they can get more done if they switch to autopilot and get through the day in a somewhat scripted routine? Mind you; we're not against following a routine. But an unchallenged overreliance on patterns can be detrimental to an organisation. This is because disengagement leads to missed opportunities and mistakes. Moreover, it can be dangerous to get too comfortable and stop paying attention, letting your mind drift from the present. 


Wouldn't it be nice if you could completely shift every aspect of your leadership while guaranteeing job satisfaction and productivity? Well, guess what? You can. Mindful leadership is focused on cultivating significant levels of self-awareness, wisdom, and self-mastery, allowing leaders to express their best self in all aspects of leadership and inspire greatness in others.  

This uncomplicated shift is the basis of our topic for today's discussion. Our guest, Nicola Lipscombe, is a mindful leadership expert who preaches heart-wise leadership and living purposeful lives. 


Topics we Discussed Include:

  • Getting to know Nicola Lipscombe (02:33)
  • Teaching Communication Skills to Pharmacy Students (07:20)
  • Nicola's Travel Adventure Around the World (09:40)
  • Values-Based Leadership: Leading from the Inside Out (11:30)
  • What is HeartWise leadership? (14:07)
  • Brene Brown’s Pillars of Courageous Leadership (16:30)
  • Yoga and Mindfulness (17:40)
  • Nicola's Meditation Routine (19:20)
  • Friday's Mindful Moment (22:40)
  • Top 5 Tips for Leaders and Upcoming Leaders (27:06)


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