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Episode 23

Published on:

9th Mar 2021

023: Use Creative Thinking to Move Innovation From Strategy to Reality with Marque Kabbaz

Have you ever asked yourself what the more successful companies do differently that makes them so successful? Is it their market understanding, their customer focus, or maybe a visionary growth strategy?

Yes, all these factors can play a part in a company’s fortunes, but one thing makes all the difference. We know that they don’t develop innovative ideas by a stroke of good luck because luck is not guaranteed. 

The one thing that makes them win consistently and attract the best talent is cultivating a culture of innovation. They build frameworks within their teams that support consistent strategic and creative thinking. They understand that every new day packs new problems that require different problem-solving techniques.

Unfortunately, only a small proportion of organisations are giving their employees room to be creative, and even fewer are cultivating a culture of innovation.

That’s why we are pleased to have with us today Marque Kabbaz, an industry leader in the strategic and creative thinking space.

We talk about building a culture that promotes innovation, the evolution of design thinking, and how innovation is slowly taking over our everyday lives.  

Topics we Discussed Include:

  • Getting to know Marque Kabbaz (03:35)
  • Resilience in the creative industry (06:20)
  • Combining creative and strategic thinking to develop creative problem-solving skills (12:15)
  • Innovation as a mindset (15:45)
  • Building a culture of innovation (18:15)
  • Why forward-thinking Organisations are prioritizing innovation (21:00)
  • How Isobar stands out through startup accelerated thinking (22:11)
  • How innovation is slowly creeping into every aspect of our lives (30:10)
  • Dissecting Marque’s BCII program at UTS (32:25)
  • The evolution of design thinking (36:08)
  • Top 5 tips for leaders and upcoming leaders (37:25)

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