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Episode 3

Published on:

7th Jul 2020

003: Beliefs to transform your life with Steven Aitchison

There is nothing as mysterious yet so powerful as our beliefs. Beliefs tend to have the power to dictate the trajectory of our lives, emotions, and actions. Acquired throughout the course of our lives, beliefs are filters on a lens over which we view life. They determine your priorities, your focus, and how you face your daily struggles.

At times you might be completely oblivious of the power beliefs have on you that you hardly ever notice they exist.

Our minds work in such a way that what we think is what we are. If you believe you are bad at something, you will continuously be bad at it, whether you are or not.

 In this episode, we address beliefs, how they influence our daily lives, and how to change your attitude towards beliefs. If you are struggling to cope with your beliefs, have a negative approach towards life, or just want to know more about beliefs, this episode is definitely for you.

  • l Introduction (1:42)
  • l The Belief Principles (4:00)
  • l Inspiration to write the book (4:40)
  • l Hardships growing up (5:30)
  • l How changing your mindset can change your life (6:48)
  • l The transition from being ‘thick’ into having self-belief (7:40)
  • l Overcoming limiting beliefs (8:35)
  • l Brainwave patterns (9:20)
  • l Why most of our beliefs are forged at 7 years old (10:10)
  • l You can change any belief you want (10:35)
  • l Parental tips about beliefs (11:10)
  • l Importance of feeding positivity to your children (11:46)
  • l The ‘I am’ statements (13:20)
  • l The beliefs filter (13:44)
  • l Your approach towards reality (13:54)
  • l How you view of the world is filtered through your beliefs (14:45)
  • l Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life (16:24)
  • l Limiting beliefs and impounding beliefs (17:50)
  • l The tree of beliefs (18:24)
  • l The 7 major beliefs (20:07)
  • l Accepting responsibility (21:48)
  • l The Comfort zone (23:22)
  • l Why you can never grow inside the comfort zone (23:49)
  • l Stretched comfort zone (26:40)
  • l Mantras (28:05)
  • l I am the light, I am the energy; I am the love, I am the universe (28:47)
  • l Recognizing you are part of the bigger picture (29:04)
  • l Beliefs being all about how you feel (29:35)
  • l You can not hold two opposing beliefs at the same time (31:03)
  • l Inspiration (33:43)
  • l Information from a different perspective (35:30)
  • l 5 top tips to younger self (36:04)
  • l The world changes according to our beliefs (36:29)

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