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Episode 1

Published on:

23rd Jun 2020

001: Part 1 - Lighthouse Leadership Employee Engagement, Empathy and Expectations

People often look up to leaders for guidance on what to do, how to act, and what to anticipate. During uncertain times, the need for strong, resilient, and focused leadership is more crucial than ever. Stable leadership is the backbone of companies that are successfully coping with the pandemic.


Crises are known to bring out the best and the worst in our leaders. The unexpected and complex scenarios that demand quick thinking and action taking can overwhelm even the toughest of leaders. 


If you are a leader and are struggling with the pandemic, you are not alone; we are here to help. In this episode, we are joined by not one, not two, but THREE industry leaders who highlight how they are coping with the pandemic, how the virus has affected them, and what they plan on doing about it. 



  • Introductions (1:24)
  • How to keep your team engaged (4:44) 
  • Setting up your team to operate remotely (6:05)
  • Being clear about changes (7:15)
  • Biggest challenges in working from home (7:41)
  • Why you need to answer that video call (8:15)
  • Engagement strategies during isolation (10:01)
  • Maintaining connections with all the staff (11:35)
  • Checking on your team’s mental health and well being (12:02)
  • Why the day-to-day needs to feel the same even though it isn’t (13:55)
  • Disconnected physically but not socially (14:05)
  • The Stand-up (14:30)
  • Getting people to talk (15:35)
  • The 12 laws (16:08)
  • Leopards and spots (17:35)
  • Doing the right thing (18:08)
  • Making money the right way (18:26)
  • Benefits of having a mentor or a coach (20:45)
  • Hierarchy causes fear (21:45)
  • Important lessons about the 360 (22:58)
  • Being honest with yourself (23:30)
  • Being willing to self-reflect (23:58)
  • Mentor-mentee relationship (24:30)
  • How to find your mentor (26:05)
  • Building trust (26:50)
  • You don’t have to come up with all the answers (27:10)
  • Defining leadership (28:24)
  • Leading by example (29:35)
  • Showing up for your team (31:10)

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