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Episode 38

Published on:

17th Aug 2021

038: 6 Steps To A Winning Mindset with Charlene Norman

Have you ever noticed that your thoughts, to some extent, affect how you behave? Like, for the most part, thoughts lead to actions, and not the other way round. For example, if you believe you’re going to have a great, productive day, chances are, you will have a good day. This fundamental truth is one of the reasons why mindset is so important. Unfortunately, our minds often prove difficult to manage. Although our thoughts can be a source of happiness and positivity, the mind somehow enjoys reminding us of our anxieties, failures, and limitations.


Learning to control your thoughts is essential for building a sense of calmness in life and at the workplace. When you learn to control your mind, you open your life to unlimited possibilities and find the path to lasting, unshakeable contentment.


Today we’re going to talk about mindset. It’s no secret that how we think about things determines our beliefs, actions, and relationships. If you’re struggling with self-limiting beliefs or approach life with a negative mindset, this episode is for you. There are many ways to shift your mindset towards success, and our guest for today, Charlene Norman, is here to help us master the power of positive thinking. 


Topics we Discussed Include:

·     Getting to Know Charlene Norman (02:00)

·     How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem and Build Your Confidence (04:56)

·     Tips to Help You Develop an Inner Winning Mindset (08:10)

·     Confidence: How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs (09:45)

·     The Six Steps to a Winning Mindset (11:56)

·     How to Start a Gratitude Practice and Change your Life (16:28)

·     Tapping into the Value of Experience (20:20)

·     Learn how to Control your Mind (22:58)

·     Why you Should Always Push Yourself to do More (23:54)

·     Finding Purpose in Everyday Moments (25:30)

·     Life Doesn’t Happen to you; it Happens for You (29:30)

·     Top 5 Tips for Leaders and Upcoming Leaders (31:50)


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