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Episode 19

Published on:

24th Nov 2020

019: Put Funny In, Get Funny Out with Kate Burr

In a world full of anxiety and stress, leaders are increasingly short of options for boosting work engagement. The interesting part, however, is that these leaders are ignoring one of the most underutilized and undervalued tools to boost office engagement- humor. As a stress buster, most psychologists believe that humor is the opposite of stress. An important thing to note is that humor is not primarily used as an office stress reliever but as an engagement tool.  

Using your sense of humor is not all about telling jokes; it’s about saying the right words at the right time to the right people. The harder you try to be funny, the more likely your joke will end up falling flat. 

Being happy is important. Since you are more likely to spend more time at work than at home, being happy at work is even more important. If you are planning to incorporate humor into your workspace, no need to worry as today we’ve got a professional humor monger, Ally Nitschke, with us. Ally discusses how to effectively use humor in the workplace, identifying where to draw the line and how non-humorous people can be funny.  


  • Getting to know Kate Burr (01:58)
  • Starting her own business (03:03)
  • Becoming a humor coach (04:30)
  • From survival mode to service mode (07:03)
  • Humor in the workplace (08:33)
  • How to boost message reception through humor (10:30)
  • Focusing on people’s feelings (10:44)
  • The science behind the benefits of laughter (12:10)
  • How non-humorous people can become funny (15:06)
  • Humor in the business context (15:58)
  • Why jokes are the worst way to be funny (16:53)
  • How frequently should a leader add humor into the workplace? (18:30)
  • The different parts of humor (19:26)
  • Why relevance is as important as the joke itself (20:45)
  • How humor works (22:01)
  • Being funny is a virtual team (24:37)
  • Top 5 tips to help you boost our humor (26:48)
  • How to use memes and YouTube clips in your daily tasks (27:50)
  • Fill up on Funny (28:33)
  • Using humor for attention, engagement, and connection (29:30)

Humour Booster: 5 steps to use humour for engagement in you day

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