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Episode 17

Published on:

10th Nov 2020

017: From AwareLESS to AwareNESS with Noa Ronen

Moving, on its own, is a daunting task. Moving because of work takes the stress and doubles it. However, moving to another continent is a whole different ball game altogether. So, when Noa Ronen moved from Israel to the U.S, she thought things would remain the same. Little did she know that adapting to a different culture and professional atmosphere would not be as easy as she had imagined.


Other than the physically tiring activities associated with moving, most people overlook the psychological stress of moving. 


Once you decide to move, the first thing you need to understand is that it won't be easy, neither will it be the same. Things won't be the same, and the sooner you learn to accept that, the faster you'll adapt to your new surroundings. In today's amazing episode, we're happy to have with us Noa Ronen, who talks about how she managed to successfully move to the U.S, albeit with a few hiccups, and how she was able to overcome the struggles associated with moving to a new place.


  • Getting to know Noa Ronen (02:25)
  • Moving to New York (04:28)
  • Adapting to a new environment (08:30)
  • Creating a space for yourself to show up differently (11:02)
  • The grieving process (12:19)
  • The 'Doing' and 'Being' energies (12:55)
  • Pairing the 'Being' and the 'Doing' energies (14:19)
  • Definition of the 'Being' energy (14:40)
  • Working with yourself before working with others (18:25)
  • Change management (19:19)
  • Why successful leaders need to learn and adapt really fast (22:18)
  • The 'Being' energy within a system (23:43)
  • Leaders taking charge of difficult situations (25:40)
  • The future of leadership (27:13)
  • Why leaders need to start leading from the side (28:10)
  • Deciding to do coaching (30:09)
  • Being the disruptor (33:00)
  • Why you need to stop taking experts as the diamond mark of quality (34:02)
  • Asking the 'Why' question (34:40)
  • The recovery time (36:10)
  • Going against the norms (38:08)
  • How to stop working against yourself (39:30)
  • Procrastinating is not really laziness (42:05)
  • 5 top tips for leaders (43:50)
  • The 'What' questions (45:55)

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